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Omer 8

Prix, Records & Reconnaissances

World record for speed 

(7.28 knots)

First place overall

First position for speed

Third place for innovation


From its first competition, in 2001, Omer 4 was able to propel ÉTS to the best rank in the world by achieving a record speed of 7,192 knots in the single-seater category with propeller. Top category of competitions and bringing together the most competitors, Omer 8 was thus created with the aim of beating this highly acclaimed record. New manufacturing methods were used. A brand new electronic variable pitch propeller system, efficient propulsion and an optimized profile have also been implemented in order to reach new levels of performance. The result was the smallest human-powered submarine ever made.


The design of the propellers and the use of electric variable pitch led OMER 8 to second place in its first competition at Bethesda in 2011. The following year, the submarine won the new European International Submarine Races (eISR) in England, characterized by his agility tests in a slalom. The submarine was also the fastest in this competition.

Finally, in 2013, the team placed first overall in the 12th International Submarine Races and broke the world record with a speed of 7.28 knots. It was also the first time a single blade was used to propel the submarine.

OMER releases 8 



Omer 8 is now treated with great care from a private individual who bought it at school.

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