First position in the general classification
First position for absolute speed
First position for agility




With the experience acquired with OMER 8 and following the world record in the category "single-seater with propeller", the team embarked on the design and manufacture of OMER 9, a two-seater propeller, and this in order to beat the absolute speed record held by OMER 5 (8.035 knots).

Following the principles of the previous submarine, the team set out to design a hull with reduced dimensions while remaining ergonomic. For the first time, this was done by alternating fiberglass with basalt fiber. In addition, the propulsion was optimized to the maximum in order to increase its efficiency. Coupled with the principle of electric variable pitch developed for OMER 8, the submarine thus ensured that a maximum of power developed by pedalers could be used to propel the submarine as quickly as possible.

The first competition of the submarine, taking place in England, required to pass a slalom. It was important that the submarine remained manageable. For this, an electric steering was developed. This, coupled with the fins at the rear of the submarine allowed us to win for the second time the European International Submarine Races, with a first place both for speed and for the agility test against smaller single-seater submarines.





Released on July 25, 2014 on the Lien Multimedia website at the following link:

OMER 9 in the press!


Omer 9 is now retired and not functional. However, it serves as a model and visibility for the club. It is also proudly exhibited at the École de Technologie Supérieure in Montreal.

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