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World speed record (7.28 knots)
First position in the general classification
First position for speed
Third place for innovation


From its first competition in 2001, Omer 4 was able to propel ÉTS to the best rank in the world by achieving a record speed of 7,192 knots in the single-seater category with propeller. Queen category of the competitions and gathering the most competitors, Omer 8 was thus created in order to beat this very acclaimed record.

New manufacturing methods were used. A brand new electronic propeller pitch system, efficient propulsion and an optimized profile have also been implemented in order to reach new levels of performance. The result is the smallest human-powered submarine ever.

The design of the propellers and the use of the electric variable pitch led OMER 8 to second place from its first competition in Bethesda in 2011. The following year, the submarine won the new European International Submarine Races (eISR) in England, characterized by his agility tests in a slalom. The submarine was also the fastest during this competition.

Finally, in 2013, the team placed first in the general classification of the 12 th International Submarine Races in addition of breaking the world record with a speed of 7.28 knots. It was also the first time that a monopale was used to propel the submarine.


OMER 8 releases

Publication in the list of 17 one-man submarines that will take your breath away:

Club YouTube video (ISR # 12 in 2013):

Club YouTube video (eISR in 2012):

Meeting between Yvan Martineau and the OMER club:



Omer 8 is now treated with great care by an individual who bought it from the school.