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World speed record over 10 m (6,977 knots)
World speed record over 100 m (6,291 knots)
First position for speed
Best Design Award




The Omer 2 submarine is in the two-seater category with only one pedaler. Omer 2 is an improved version of the first Omer submarine. The hull was made from the same mold as the Omer 1 submarine as well as with the same materials: fiberglass with a balsa wood heart.


Although having almost the same shell as Omer 1, slight modifications have been made to the latter. The layout of the submarine's windows has in fact been improved, in order to increase the pilot's vision. In addition, Omer 2 has seen great mechanical improvements. First, the design of the submarine's steering system was completely overhauled. Then the steering system was redesigned as well as the position of the ailerons. The propulsion system has also been completely redone. Finally, the submarine has a new propeller and its position on the tail cone and been revised.

Bien qu’ayant presque la même coque qu’Omer 1, de légères modifications ont été apportées à cette dernière. Effectivement, la disposition des vitres du sous-marin a notamment été améliorée, afin d’augmenter la vision du pilote. De plus, Omer 2 s’est vu doté de grandes améliorations mécaniques. D’abord, la conception du système de direction du sous-marin a été complètement revue. Ensuite, le système de direction a été redessiné ainsi que la position des ailerons. Le système de propulsion a également été entièrement refait. Finalement, le sous-marin dispose d’une nouvelle hélice et sa position sur le cône de queue et été révisé.

On the electrical side, Omer 2 includes big improvements. The pilot station was added an electronic display with LCD screen. The latter informs the pilot about the state of the various components of the submarine and other relevant information. The submarine's on-board computer has also been improved. The pilot now has an electric emergency stop handle for safety reasons. Finally, the variable pitch system now uses information from a speed sensor as well as the pedal speed to adjust the angle of attack of the propeller.





OMER 3.jpg

The submarine is currently on display with pride and honor at the top of the main staircase in Pavilion A at the École de technologie supérieure in Montreal.